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Do-it-Best and PAL

Construction Maestro® is a Proven Estimating Solution...

Construction Maestro® Post Frame & Garage Estimating Software is approved by both PAL and Do it Best® Corporation. Discounts for members are available. For more information, call and speak with a representative from Symun SystemsTM today (810-230-8920)!

Greener's Budget Lumber Inc.

Our experience with construction Maestro has been nothing short of excellent. The training, the support and the software itself are of the highest quality. We've tried other estimating software but nothing stands up to Maestro. USA Pole Barns will never use anything else.

Rich Williams - Owner
USA Pole Barns
Lima, OH

Carson City Lumber
Historically, we've never dipped into post frame work much. However, with the housing market the way it's been for the last few years, business has slowed down. We're located in a fiercely competitive market and thankfully we've had Construction Maestro to help us break into post frame construction. It's really helped our business!

Gary Copp - Owner
Carson City Lumber
Carson City, MI

Greener's Budget Lumber Inc.

I am very happy with Construction Maestro®. I do many pole barn and garage estimates using the system. Estimates that used to take 30 minutes or more are now done in five to ten minutes. My customers find my estimates very impressive when they receive detailed, labeled plans with color drawings. The labor module is great for completed buildings and allows me to update my pricing easily. Product pricing is equally simple which is nice since steel prices are constantly changing. Technical support is always helpful and I don’t get the run around that you’d get from most software companies and Symun Systems is constantly sending out new updates to keep the software current.

Larry Greener - Owner
Greener's Budget Lumber Inc.
Barron, WI

This is the third building pricing program that I have used in the Post Frame building industry. The Construction Maestro® program is easy to learn with excellent technical support, accurate, detailed, and has a very nice 3D building drawing for the customer. As we all know in the post frame building business, the first impression is a lasting impression. When my customers see their building proposal done on the Construction Maestro® program, they remember Lamperts, and that's important to me!

Larry Miller - Salesman
Sioux Falls, SD

Country Metals

Construction Maestro® has made it a lot easier for Country Metals. We were amazed how this system puts out accurate quotes fast! Symun Systems is excellent with technical support.

We are really impressed with this software!!

Jason Zimmerman
Country Metals
Shiloh, OH

H & H Custom Building
This program has saved me countless hours on drawings, takeoffs, and pricing the total job. This program will save you money and material, and allow you to get in front of more people. There is nothing like creating your customer's building right in front of them at the kitchen table. "SOLD!"

Al Irvin
H & H Custom Building
Townsend, Montana

Contractor's Lumber & Home Center
As the owner of (18) eighteen small companies, I have to deal and train with a lot of companies. When I saw Maestro software in action at our lumber company's post frame building division, I was impressed. However, I was even more impresssed when I attended their training seminar and realized immediately that Mike Rinks, our client support executive, and the whole Symun Systems staff really know what they are doing. Without hesitation, I highly recommend Mike Rinks and Maestro.

Billy R. Inmon - Owner
Contractor's Lumber & Home Center
Willard, OH

Huntoon Lumber Company, Inc.
"I would like to tell you how satisfied we are with our purchase of Construction Maestro®. The program does an excellent job of communicating to our customers the correct method to construct their project. It eliminates countless calls between the materials supplier and the construction crew, as well as overages and shortages of materials."

"Your support of our software has been above and beyond any support we have ever experienced Thank-you. Your staff has always been friendly and helpful, however we have been most impressed with your personal expertise in both construction and the software package. Our only complaint is that we are waiting patiently for you to introduce other estimating packages such as decks, fencing, houses, etc!"

Ted Huntoon - President
Huntoon Lumber Company, Inc.
Marlette, Michigan

Glennlord Home Center
"Finally, someone has addressed the concerns of estimators who work with garages and post frame buildings. Thanks to Construction Maestro® we can trim valuable time off designing and take-offs. You do a very professional job, which allows us to make a presentation to our customer which is unequaled by any other software program we have found."

Mike Webb - General Manager
Glennlord Home Center
Stevensville, MI

Vella's Do it Best Home Center

"With more and more do it yourselfers wanting to build their own garage or pole barn, I needed a tool that would layout, as well as, show them how to do it. I looked at several computer systems and found that Construction Maestro® was the most accurate and easiest to use, for both my employees, as well as, the customer. It has driven sales for me because it shows them exactly what to do and order. It shows them a 3D picture of what their project will look like. Bottom line, it's fast, easy and accurate! I highly recommend it because it's an inexpensive tool that can put you ahead of your competition, which will lead to added sales."

Joe Vella
Vella's Do it Best Home Center

Constantia, NY

United Building Center
"I have sold several jobs off your program and they have all went without a hitch. It is interesting to note that the accuracy of the program is what I am most impressed with. I believe that this program cuts my returns down on material coming back to the store. Maestro also allows you to order steel materials at the time of the sale, this helps to meet the tight schedules that our customers expect! Maestro's quickness in estimating gives me the ability to have a price in my customer's hand faster than my competition. Even though I am not a technical wizard, I can run Maestro."

Brad McLaren
United Building Centers
Alpena, MI

James Lumber Company
"You guys have really created a winner! Maestro® is easy to use, very accurate, and quick to produce. My customers get an answer on their building package cost while they wait. We can have a complete quote and a set of plans in five minutes. Customers love the drawings. Our local building inspectors are equally impressed. The drawings can be used to obtain residential building permits. Thanks for the helpful training seminars & support. Keep up the great work!"

Bill Rose - Manager

29 years of service at James Lumber Company
Robert T. Longway Branch in Flint, MI

Formerly CML-Wolohan Lumber
"We never thought that finding an estimating software that could figure a simple four sided building accurately would be so hard to find. Thanks to Symun SystemsTM Construction Maestro®, we have finally found one. We can now do post frame takeoffs in a fraction of the time it used to take, and with no errors. The program is simple to use, the detailed drawings are a great sales tool, and the technical support has been excellent."

Mike Litwiller
Formerly from CML-Wolohan Lumber
Main Office, St. Johns, MI

Quality Built Pole Buildings
"Construction Maestro® program has made my pole frame business so much more efficient that I thought I should write you a note about the program. Construction Maestro® is an excellent program. It used to take me about two hours to do an estimate and now the program generates all my drawings and a material takeoff in less than 15 minutes. I get a material list that I can fax to my supplier for all the building materials, including a steel order with all the steel lengths to the inch. My job foreman likes the program because it also generates a cut list for all his lumber, and a drawing that shows where each piece of material goes on the building. My waste has all but been eliminated. This program has been a great selling feature for my business also. I can show my customers a 2D and a 3D drawing of their building in a matter of minutes. This helps me sell a lot more buildings."

Tom Vermeesch
Quality Built Pole Buildings
Essexville, MI

"Construction Maestro® assures my estimates are accurate, which gives me added confidence in my pricing structure. Construction Maestro® is easy to adapt to. The greatest benefit is that after an estimate becomes an order, I can produce drawings and an accurate material list with a few clicks of the mouse!"

William Moseley
Alburtis, PA

Hamilton Farm Bureau & Lumber
"Before we bought Construction Maestro® we were selling 10-15% of our estimates. Now we are selling 35-40%. The software has really done a good job for us and has definitely paid for itself! Also, the support is fantastic."

Ralph Land
Formerly from Hamilton Farm Bureau & Lumber
Hamilton, MI

Michiana Building Supply
"I hope my competitors don't buy it."

Richard Eby
Michiana Building Supply, Niles, MI

Kauffman Metals
"We told Symun SystemsTM, Inc that we would have paid five times the asking price for the software. I can't imagine us estimating without it.. Construction Maestro® is simple to use, the drawings are great, the software estimates materials accurately, and the tech support is great".

Bob Kauffman
Kauffman Metals
Bedford, PA

K & M Builders
"I have tried construction cad software and working with other so-called custom software companies to obtain a simple program for my post frame material take-offs and drawings. Not having years of cad experience, this has been a very frustrating process. Symun SystemsTM Construction Maestro® is the easiest program to operate and customize to your company's exact construction methods that I have found. I would recommend Construction Maestro® to any post frame builder that's looking for a simple, but effective take off and drawing software."

Joe Ellis
K & M Builders
Kidron, OH

Trice Buildings and Supply Inc.
"The biggest difference between Construction Maestro® and the competition is that Construction Maestro® actually works. It is easily customized to your building preferences and the ease of use is exceptional. The technical support Symun SystemsTM has given is unsurpassed. It is nice to use a program that you can tell has been written by someone actually involved in the construction of post frame structures. Construction Maestro® is a great value for the money, plus you don't have to worry about a yearly software maintenance fee charged by some of the other software companies to continue using their product after you have bought it."

Matt Trice
Trice Buildings and Supply Inc.
Fairmount, IN

Zeeland Lumber Company

"I have sold a lot of post frame buildings and garages by sketching them out on graph paper and drawing a cross section. I spent so much time at this, that my work week usually approached 60 to 70 hours. I always kept an eye out for a good estimating software package for post frame garages and barns at the local building shows. I finally found it. Construction Maestro® is simply the best program out there. Even better than that, Mike Rinks and Tim Bennett are committed to keep making improvements. On the average, I would quote approximately 700 buildings a year before Construction Maestro®. I would sell somewhere around 120 to 130 complete buildings (approximately 18%). After Maestro's quick and easy set up I sold approximately 177 ( approximately 25%) out of 700 even with the O.S.B. prices we had to deal with. I cut my work week to 50 to 55 hours. In short, I can quote more buildings with more options in less time than I have ever been able to do. The drawings are more professional. I enjoy working, but I don't enjoy treading my wheels. Maestro quotes are quick, accurate, and will help you and me both sell buildings and promote the post frame industry."

John Colley
Zeeland Lumber Company
Zeeland, MI

Haygood Building Supplies
"Construction Maestro® is the best program I have ever used. This program makes estimating simple, accurate and error-free. In less than ten minutes I can have an estimate done with material list and drawings- while the customer waits. This is a huge selling point that helps me close sales. The fact that the drawings are customized to the estimate is another plus. I can make size, color or opening placement changes in a matter of seconds and the system refigures all of the 2D and 3D drawings immediately saving me huge amounts of time. The sales staff and customer support at Symun SystemsTM is knowledgeable, friendly and helpful. I recommend this program to everyone…except my competition!"

Paul Travis
Formerly of Haygood Building Supplies
Mayfield, KY

Web Development & Estimating Services
"In my search for good estimating software, I found my choices limited to a few programs that did the same basic thing. Then I found Construction Maestro®. Symun SystemsTM didn't just make their program a little better; they made their program a lot better! Beyond the fact that I have a program that generates accurate and detailed estimates, I receive unparalleled product support that all companies should be measured by."

Joe Moore
Web Development & Estimating Services
Seattle, WA

D.A.G. Construction

"I am almost computer illiterate, but with Construction Maestro®, figuring, estimating and drawing post-frame buildings is a snap. Any snags that I have come across have been easily solved by Mike or Tim. I would recommend this program to anyone. My customers have been amazed at this program and have made the statement that it is very professional. I look forward to working with everyone at Construction Maestro® as new developments take place."

Dale Gay
D.A.G. Construction
Mobile, AL

Lapeer Lumber & Truss

"I just got off the phone with Pete and wanted to tell you what a pleasure it is working with your staff. No question goes unanswered, no problem goes unsolved. Construction Maestro® is a great product, but it's the friendly attention and great service that makes it a winner. Thank you all."

Steve Stadler
Lapeer Lumber & Truss
Lapeer, MI

Graber Post Buildings
"Construction Maestro® is accurate, easy to use and definitely a time saver. It has been especially helpful to us on quoting gambrel and odd sized buildings. Keeping prices updated is fast and simple and the Technical support is excellent."

Graber Post Buildings, Montgomery, IN

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